Catch You

Daylight Studio
We started shooting the video for Catch You by Rjay & June Marieezy back in November, but due to conflicting schedules, we were only able to finish shooting this Sunday. My friend Rjay Ty is a local hip-hop artist and is 1/3 of the group called (LDP) Lyrically Deranged Poets. You can find his blog here. June is a singer under Deeper Manila. She sounds like Erykah Badu. you will be amazed!! listen to her stuff on Soundcloud here. Directed by Dominic Nuesa, cinematographer Micah Fernandez & main cast KooKoo Ramos and Cort Catajay.
Of course I use MUD make-up

June Marieezy
 I did some special effects work on this project because KooKoo's character has Psoriasis. I love doing special effects. Beauty make-up is fun but it gets boring sometimes.

Chrizo & Broc dropped by before headin' to Team Sunday 
JC Taruc
Hipsters lost the car keys. hahaha!

Psoriasis using liquid latex
Kat Jimenez
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The music video will be released this March via MYX.