Jane of Forever 21

Jane Kingsu-Cheng Marketing Manager for Forever 21 Philippines

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to work on an advertorial shoot for a magazine. Kriselle from Hinge Inquirer somehow managed to get my number, I don't know how or who gave it to her, but she did. haha! I was actually hesitant to do it at first because she called super late, I think it was around 11pm and I was even out partying at Kyss that night for a good friend (Rjay's) music video launch. (Read about that here) I was tossing and turning In bed that night and ended up with just 30 minutes of sleep. I was burning brain cells watching by Jersey Shore the whole time. haha! 
Anyway, I arrived at Forever 21 Makati at 8am even if my call time was 9 just so I could try to sleep in the car. It did not work!! Started working at around 10 and finished a little past 11. Pretty good if you ask me considering my body was running on coffee. Now enough about me!

I did hair and makeup for Jane Kingsu-Cheng Marketing Manager for Forever 21 Philippines. I love her! She's so pretty, friendly and had so many nice stories to tell. She used to be an editor for a couple of magazines and now she maintains a weekend fashion column for Manila Bulletin and is also a blogger. (Visit her blog here)

I did her hair too :)
Sam and Jane practicing poses

Jane, Kriselle, Sam and Marty