Anino / Star Magic Trailer

ANINO consists of characters tackling their own "shadows" -- children, teens and adults who have life issues that they can not or refuse to resolve. It is at a retreat house where these characters meet each other and share their personal struggles, in an attempt to exorcise their demons.

Mr. Paradiso (Jake Cuenca) encourages the retreat participants to share their stories with each other, hoping to find comfort in the thought that they are not alone in their suffering. In ANINO, the retreat participants wonder who among them needs help the most. Zyra, a young teen, shares how she can not find the courage to forgive herself for being the reason why her sister died. Camille, a transgender who was molested by her stepfather, an event which caused her mother to take her own life. Rino, who is hiding from the authorities after murdering an uncle who wronged him. Marcing, who can not move on after his wife's death. Weng, who despises herself for being less of what people think as beautiful yet refuses to acknowledge the purity of her heart. Isabel, who wants to separate from her unfaithful spouse and is contemplating on aborting her unborn child. At the retreat, they learn to forgive, to let go, and move on. They realize that they have a choice in the battles they need to conquer in life. In the end, it is the shadows who lead the living into the light.
-via StarMagic YouTube